Welcome to Maggy's

Thank you for checking out Maggy's Pet Boutique!  We are conveniently located in Lincoln Ontario and look forward to meeting you. We opened in August 2018 on Ontario Street and provide a fresh, friendly and fun retail boutique for pet lovers and their fur kids.

Maggy's focus is focused on furry friends including dogs and cats. The shop emphasizes healthy pet food, high quality pet accessories, and most important of all, a friendly environment.

Maggy's Pet Boutique is an independent pet shop that is focused on offering healthy pet food, quality products, and in store dog grooming.

Who is Maggy?

Maggy was a beautiful, energetic and loving Australian Shepherd that was a part of our family for nearly ten years. We lost her too soon.  She died from kidney failure and since then we have learned a lot about pet food and nutrition. We suspect, and regret, that the food we fed her may have made her sick over time.  We feed our dogs much differently now and hope to help others to feed their pets healthy food.

Isn't all pet food the same?

No. Not at all. There are huge differences in quality. We encourage you to read the ingredients and compare pet foods.  Many foods are highly processed and have lower quality ingredients. Healthy pet food has real, natural ingredients. And feeding your pets a healthy diet should reduce allergies, illnesses and trips to the veterinarian.

We feed raw pet food and recommend it for dogs and cats. Read more about Raw Pet Food in Niagara



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