Royal Canin Indoor Weight Control 7lb

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Less active indoor cats and cats that are spayed or neutered are especially prone to weight gain. Rich in fibres and psyllium while containing only 8.5% fat, INDOOR WEIGHT CARE’s specially engineered low-calorie, low-density kibbles have been shown to significantly reduce the calories consumed by cats (17% fewer calories ingested*), while satisfying their appetites.

Low fat doesn’t mean less tasty. INDOOR WEIGHT CARE contains a combination of select aromas and high quality natural flavours so that even the fussiest cat enjoys his meal and receives all the nutrients he needs to stay at peak health.

Healthy weight loss means burning fat while building muscle. INDOOR WEIGHT CARE is formulated with a high content (40%) of highly digestible proteins and fat-burning L-carnitine (200 mg/kg) to help overweight indoor cats build and maintain lean muscle mass.

100% Complete and Balanced Nutrition

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