Raw performance Alpha box 30lb

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Raw Performance Alpha Box (30lbs) 15x2lb

The Raw Performance Alpha Box contains 15, 2 pound, containers of raw dog food including

  • 3 - 2lb Gourmet Beef
  • 3 - 2lb Gourmet Chicken
  • 3 - 2lb Gourmet Turkey
  • 3 - 2lb Performance Blend
  • 3 - 2lb Turkey & Salmon Blend

Gourmet Beef Blend - Finely ground beef meat, bone, liver, kidney, spleen, tripe, vegetables and kelp

Gourmet Chicken Blend - Finely ground chicken meat, bone, beef liver, tripe, vegetables and kelp

Gourmet Turkey Blend - Finely ground turkey meat, bone, beef liver, tripe, vegetables and kelp

Performance Blend - Ground chicken meat and bone, beef liver, kidney, spleen, heart and tripe

Turkey & Salmon Blend - Ground turkey meat and bone, ground salmon meat and bone, Turkey Liver, Turkey Heart

Raw Performance is a local company based in St Catharines, Ontario.  Their products are sourced locally with no fillers, additives or preservatives.  The price point of this product is very competitive and a good choice for large dogs.

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