Orijen Original treats dog 42.5g

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ORIJEN Original treats are gently freeze-dried, retaining all of the natural goodness of the authentic ingredients. The freeze-dry kitchen is equipped with nitrogen tunnels which flash-freeze ingredients at extremely low temperatures (-60°F), locking in their vitalizing nutrients.

An 18-hour freeze-drying process gently converts the water frozen in the ingredients into ice vapour, without creating any liquid. This means only water is removed from the ingredients, leaving behind all of their goodness in a concentrated form, creating a nourishing taste experience your dog will love.


Made from 100% quality animal ingredients with natural preservatives. The ingredients are delivered to the kitchen raw.

Nourishing ratios of poultry, fish, and cartilage or bone provide a natural source of nutrients with the delicious palatability and nutrition of organs, for added flavour you can feel good about feeding your dog.

Gently freeze-dried, without synthetic preservatives, to lock in natural, delicious goodness for a pure and tasty treat.

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