Iron Will Raw Basic Salmon Box 6lbs

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Iron Will Raw Basic Salmon Raw Pet Food boxes contain 6 one pound packages of raw dog food. The Basic Salmon is a simple option for pet parents looking to add in a protein rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. It makes a great meal option for cats and a desirable rotation addition for canines. Including the Basic Salmon in your pet's meal rotation will help support healthy skin and a show-stopping shinny coat.

Raw pet food is good for dogs and cats. The Basic formulas are recommended for cats.

Benefits of the Basic Salmon Raw Dog Food:

Cleans Teeth Naturally
Offers Natural Hydration
Easy Weight Management
Smaller, Firmer Stools
Naturally Digestible

Ingredients: ground salmon and salmon bones

Guaranteed Analysis:
Per 100 grams

Crude Protein (min): 12.82%
Crude Fat (min): 11.71%
Crude Fibre (max): 0.00%
Moisture (max): 69.26%
Ash: 3.53%

Taurine: 69.93 mg/oz*
Calcium: 1.17%
Phosphorus: 0.62%
Ca:Ph = 1.9:1

Magnesium: 0.03%
Potassium: 0.10%
Sodium: 0.12%
Sulphur: 0.14%
Copper: 0.49 mg/kg
Iron: 9.88 mg/kg
Manganese: 2.58 mg/kg
Zinc: 30.15 mg/kg

Gross Energy (kcal/kg): 1941.36
Metabolizable Energy (kcal/kg): 1770.39

*Daily recommendation for cats is 35-250 mg/day

Iron Will Raw is made in Niagara and available at Maggy's Pet Boutique in Beamsville, read more about Raw Pet Food in Niagara

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