Dog Food, Treats, Toys and More!

Maggy's Pet Boutique carries a full range of dog products including dog food, treats, toys, leashes, collars, seasonal items and more.  

Like you, we love dogs. For that reason we aim to recommend healthy food choices and quality products that you and your fur kid will appreciate.  There is a huge variety of foods that we could offer in store and we have carefully selected healthy dog foods. This is so that our customers can rest assured that their dogs are eating healthy diets which often translates into less allergies and less trips to the vet.

Maggy's Pet Boutique carries raw dog food from one of the leading local companies.  Raw has a number of benefits and we invite you to stop in and learn more.

We also love unique items and you can expect to find some items at Maggy's that you will not find in a big chain store. This will include quality items made by small businesses owners.

We hope you will drop in to see us!


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