Dentler Split Antler Dog Chew X-Large

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Dentler Split Antler Smoked Maple Ham Dog Chew X-Large


These Antlers are a long lasting natural dog chew with a natural wild taste flavor. 

Dentler only uses fresh naturally shed grade AA and A antlers. These premium antlers without any cracks and fissures prevents the risk of premature chipping and breakage.

Did you know this about Dentler Antlers?

"Antlers are temporary bony prominences that grow every year on either side of the cervidae’s skull. They grow for approximately four months between May and August on average of one centimeter per day. Each year, deer display their new antlers until February, then naturally lose them until April, when a new growth cycle begins. It’s the only organ that mammals are able to regenerate completely. The shed antlers are then recuperated in the forest without any animals being mistreated." -

Dentler's uses an ozone treatment to safely provide safe treatment of bacterial risks.


This long last dog chew is sure to be a hit.


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