Welcome to Maggy's Pet Boutique - Beamsville's New Pet Store

Welcome to Maggy's Pet Boutique - Beamsville's New Pet Store

Maggy's Pet Boutique is Beamsville's new pet store. Read on to find out more.

Hello Beamsville!

We are very excited to introduce Maggy's Pet Boutique in the Town of Lincoln. Maggy's is an independent pet store located at the Academy Plaza on Ontario Street in Beamsville.  We are passionate pet owners and our pets truly are our fur-kids. 


We know there are many people who adore their pets just like we do and we hope they will become regulars at our shop.


So why should you choose Maggy's?


1. We are an independent shop with high quality products.

As an independent pet store, Maggy's is able to hand pick the products that we believe are a good fit for the store. Our goal is to find products that are:

  • Healthy - we want people to be confident that when they buy food at Maggy's it will be good for their furkids. 
  • Canadian - we are aiming to buy Canadian whenever possible. Failing that, products made in the United States are our next choice.
  • Local - our goal is to support local businesses. Two of our highly recommended foods are from Niagara based businesses.
    • Boreal - a Beamsville based pet food company that makes dog and cat food.
    • Iron Will Raw - we recently switched to this brand of raw food and highly recommend this brand and raw food in general.  
  • High Quality - we are working to identify quality products that we will be proud to stand behind.


2. We're fun and friendly

This business is a life long dream and our goal is to have fun at work. We are working to offer a friendly atmosphere and plan to have a number of fun special events.  


3. Shop local!

We are buying local as much as possible. We had local tradespeople help out in the shop; we love eating out at Butcher & Banker and Pizza Central in our plaza; Home Hardware has been a huge help in getting our store ready; and we are looking for local small businesses who produce products that might be of interest for our customers.  And this is just a small sample of how we are trying to support local small businesses. And we hope that helps build the community!


4. Grooming

Yes!  We will have grooming in the shop. Find details at Beamsville Dog Grooming


5. We Love Your Furkids!

Stop in - you'll see what we mean



Thanks so much for your interest in Maggy's Pet Boutique. We can't  wait to meet you and your furkids.

Please stop in to see us at 4520 Ontario Street, Beamsville, ON, L0R1B5.


Find out more about our Beamsville Pet Store


  1. Maggy's Pet Boutique Maggy's Pet Boutique

    Hi there - we're so sorry we missed your comment! Please give us a call at 289-990-5595.

  2. Tracie Anne Soucy Tracie Anne Soucy

    I have a small Chihuahua. She does not need grooming as I bathe her, but do you have toenail cutting service and how much does it cost.???

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