Sandy's Pet Grooming Beamsville

Sandy's Pet Grooming Beamsville

About Sandy's Pet Grooming Beamsville. Sandy is grooming at Maggy's Pet Boutique!

It's true!  Sandy's Pet Grooming is back in Beamsville.


Sandy used to run her Dog Grooming salon on Ontario street in Beamsville. Then some life changes happened and she closed up. Much to the disappointment of her customers.


When we opened Maggy's Pet Boutique in Beamsville in 2018 people would come in and ask about Sandy who "used to do grooming across the street".  We told our customers we'd be looking for a groomer and posting an advertisement soon.


We wanted a groomer and posted a help wanted ad hoping to find someone that would be a great fit at our store. When we posted a help wanted ad Sandy was one of our first applicants and we were thrilled to be able to offer her the position.


Sandy has been grooming at Maggy's for almost a year now and we're delighted to have her on the team.  She is available by appointment Monday - Friday.  She grooms dogs and cats and prices vary based on the size and condition of the pet.


Maggy's Pet Boutique offers a full groom and a basic groom. Both include a bath, brush out, nail trim, and a trim around the face.  A full groom includes a trim all over body.


Give us a call at 289-990-5595 for more information, including a price estimate on your dog or cat groom, and to book an appointment.




  1. Rosemarie O'Brien Rosemarie O'Brien

    Sandy groomed 2 of my dogs at once, a springer spaniels who is very stubborn and uncooperative and a mini schnauzer who is plain nuts. Both dogs came home looking amazing. She did everything I asked of her and still had a smile when I pick them up. Best part was she groomed my schnauzer without me having to medicate her to calm her down. Thank you Sandy for the piece of mind.

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