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Are you aware of all of the benefits of feeding raw pet food? Maggy's Pet Boutique, located in Beamsville, recommends raw for a number of reasons.

The Benefits Of Raw Dog Food

Are you aware of the benefits of raw dog food?  This is one of the fastest growing areas of pet food sales as people switch to, and stay with raw food. More and more dog owners are hearing about it and deciding to switch over from dry dog food.


Raw pet food manufacturers state many advantages of their products and pet owners are also commenting on their positive experiences. The advantages of raw over kibble that are reported by dog owners include the following:


  • - Easier weight control;
  • - Improved digestion;
  • - Shinier, healthier skin and coat; 
  • - Reduced of allergy symptoms such as itchiness;
  • - A decrease in dog smell;
  • - Fresher breath and cleaner teeth;
  • - Smaller, less smelly stools;
  • - Increased mobility in senior dogs;
  • - More energy and stamina


We made the switch many years ago and noticed many of these positives very quickly. Before we made the switch, we wondered if it would be inconvenient or if there were other concerns. So we did a bit of research and decided to give it a try. Now, we wish we had made the switch sooner.


Here's what we noticed with our own dogs:


Smaller Stools

This is one of the first things you will hear about. And we have found that it is true.  The dogs stools are smaller, and they decompose quickly compared to kibble. Once we noticed the difference on raw food we realized that the dry food must be full of filler and preservatives.  


Reduced Allergies and Raw Pet Food

Our Border Collie, Brody, used to have skin problems and itchiness. We tried different foods and different proteins to see if it would help, but it never went away and in the fall it would get quite bad.  Once we switched to raw food his allergies went away and over 5 years later there are still no symptoms.


If you read more about raw, you will notice other people reporting similar improvements.


Shinier, Healthier Coats

Even though he is 13 years old, our Border Collie's coat is very shiny and people are surprised to learn how old he is.  


Improved Weight Management

Our Australian Shepherd was a rescue and she came to us with hip problems. For this reason, managing her weight is very important. We have found it quite easy to keep our dogs fit and trim.


Overall our two dogs are both very healthy and we believe that raw food has been very good for them. On a recent check up that included blood work, our veterinarian remarked that our Border Collie's results were just like a puppy's. We attribute this to his food.


Try Raw!

We welcome you to come visit us to learn more about raw. We are located at 4520 Ontario Street, Beamsville, Ontario, and would be happy to tell you more.  


At the time of writing this, we are proud to carry Iron Will Raw and Raw Performance. Both of these companies are located in Niagara and are well reviewed.


Find out more about raw pet food at our Beamsville Pet Store


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