Feed Fresh! Raw Food for Better Health

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Feed Fresh! Raw Food for Better Health

Why is raw pet food good for your dog or cat? Think about the grocery store? Where is the healthiest food? It is the fresh produce and raw meats, not the processed stuff in the interior aisles. The same is true for your dogs! No kibble can match raw. Most kibbles have all kinds of fillers and preservatives and the nutrients are cooked out.

Raw Pet Food = The Healthy Choice

People often ask us why raw pet food is good for their dog or cat. One way that we reply is to ask a question in reply:


"What part of the grocery store has the healthiest choices?"


The answer is the outside. Why? That's where the fresh foods are. The foods with less processing, or no processing, are typically around the outside of the grocery store. That is where you will find the fresh produce, raw meats and so on. The inside aisles of a grocery store have processed foods with ingredients that you sometimes need a Masters of Science to understand.


The same is true for dog food. Kibble is full of fillers, preservatives, and the nutrients have often been cooked right out of the food. It is like many of the items in the interior of the grocery store. Think about the cereal aisle for a minute. There are some healthier choices in that aisle, but are they as healthy as the items in the outside edges of the store?  Usually they are not.  Kibble is like the cereal aisle. There are some brands that are better than others, but none of them compare to raw foods for your pets. 


Unfortunately many brands of kibble are absolute garbage.  Often they are worse than the sugary, no health benefit cereals you'll find at the grocery store! Some brands of kibble start with bad ingredients and fillers, then cook out any good nutrients and add in preservatives. And the regulations around pet foods are disappointing at best.


Feeding Raw

We firmly believe that raw pet food is better for your dog and cat. Think about what nutritionists, naturopaths and other health care professionals tell us in our own lives. Eating better leads to better health.


It is exactly the same with raw pet food vs kibble. Raw pet food is like the butcher and produce section. Kibble is like the inside aisles.


Raw Pet Food in Niagara

Did you know that there are several manufacturers of raw in Niagara Region?  We carry Iron Will Raw and Raw Performance and value the opportunity to support local businesses.


We personally feed our dogs Iron Will Raw. We switched away from the "Big Raw Company" (not mentioning their name). Iron Will is recommend because the quality of the food and their food safety protocols are both second to none.  We find Iron Will is less watery, and has less fat than other brands.  And Iron Will Raw has a highly certified manufacturing facility in St Catharines.


Raw Performance is a very popular brand based in St Catharines. We find that many of our customers rave about the brand and swear by it for their dogs.  We like the convenience of the packaging, the variety of recipes, and the price is very competitive against that "Big Raw Company in the Country" that we won't name.


Over time we will add other brands in the shop. We did have another brand for a short time but our own dogs did not do well on it so we discontinued it immediately. 


Read more about Raw Pet Food in Niagara


Or stop in to see us. We are located at 4520 Ontario Street and aim to be Beamsville's Pet Store




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