Dog Groomer in Beamsville, Ontario

Dog Groomer in Beamsville, Ontario

We recently posted a help wanted ad looking for a new dog groomer to join our team at Maggy's Pet Boutique in Beamsville. Christina has joined our team and people are loving her professional grooming.

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Dog Grooming in Beamsville

Are you looking for quality dog grooming in Beamsville? We have recently hired a professional dog groomer and are committed to ensuring that high quality grooming is provided.  


How We Ensure High Quality

Aiming to be the Best Dog Groomer in Beamsville!

We only take one dog at a time and set appointments for your groom. This ensures that your dog gets our full attention during the time she is at the shop.  This reduces stress on your dog because they do not need to be kenneled or spend the day with other dogs.


Our groomers are encouraged to participate in professional development opportunities. There are a variety of courses, shows and conferences that professional dog groomers can participate in to ensure that their skills are up to date.


We encourage feedback!  If you are unhappy with anything about the groom, let us know within 24 hours and we'll touch up or otherwise address any problems. We want you to be thrilled with how your dog looks and smells after they leave the shop!


This might sound obvious ... we insist that our groomers thoroughly bathe and dry every dog. We avoid the use of cage dryers.


Finally, we ask that our grooming customers speak with the groomer directly, before and after the groom, to ensure that everything goes as expected.


Welcome Christina!

We are pleased to welcome Christina to our team at Maggy's Pet Boutique.  Christina is a professional groomer with quite a few years of experience.  In addition to grooming, she also shows her poodle, Carter.  Meet Christina and Carter here:


Beamsville Dog Groomer - ChristinaBeamsville Dog Groomer - Christina


Beamsville Dog Groomer - Appointments Available


Beamsville Dog Grooming


Give us a call at 289-990-5595 to book an appointment.


Dog Grooming in Beamsville


About Maggy's Pet Boutique - Beamsville's Pet Store

We are an independent pet store that offers high quality pet foods, treats, accessories and other supplies. The store is named after our first dog as a couple. Maggy was a fun loving, energetic and friendly Australian Shepherd. She embodies how we hope to be known!


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  1. Annette K Annette K

    Just delighted with Penny's clip & grooming by Christina! My family all commented on how great she looked. This is the 2nd time Christina has clipped Penny, and she kept such good records that I was just able to ask for "same as last time". Thanks so much!

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