Dog Christmas Present Ideas

Dog Christmas Present Ideas

Looking for Dog Christmas Present Ideas? Check out Maggy's Pet Boutique for suggestions. Or stop in at the pet shop - located at 4520 Ontario Street in Beamsville, Ontario

Are you trying to figure out what to get your dog for Christmas this year? The big day is less than a week away and we're sure you want to spoil your favourite furkids. 


Here are the top ten ways to spoil your dog at the local pet store this year (in no particular order):


1. Chew Toys

What dog doesn't love a good chew?  Did you know that there are long lasting chew toys made of Bamboo? Long lasting, better for the environment and your dog.


2. All Natural Pet Treats - Bully Sticks

Satisfy your dog with an all natural Bully Stick or Chomper made from beef, pork or water buffalo. The good ones feature the following:


  • Free Range Pet Chews
  • No Hormones
  • No Antibiotics
  • No Steroids
  • No Preservatives
  • Steam and Dry Cured


3. All Natural Pet Treats - biscuits

There are a number of simple ingredient, even single ingredient, treats available. These natural formulations are significantly healthier thanks to the lack of fillers and chemicals. Read the ingredients and see for yourself.


4. Give the dog a bone! And keep them occupied for hours

Dogs love bones and there are a variety to choose from. Our top three suggestions are:


1. A beef marrow bone. They are full of flavour and long lasting


2. A gently baked bone. Add a bit of peanut butter, coconut oil, or similar idea and keep your dog occupied for hours


3. Or a beef marrow bone from our freezer. Completely pure and uncooked


5. Plush Toys / Squeaky toys

There are cheap and cheerful plush toys if you want to treat your pup to a few minutes of pure chaos as they destroy a new toy


Or maybe you want something that will last a bit longer? In that case, there are some tougher plush toys available.


And for the dogs that don't destroy plush toys instantly, there are a number of fun plush toys to choose from.


And let's not forget some Christmas themed toys in the shop!


6. A new bed

Does your dog have a nice soft bed to lay on? Or a pad for the crate?  Or maybe it's time for a new one?


7. Warmth

Maybe a coat or a sweater for those chilly winter walks?


8. Pain relief

Many dogs have ailments that come with age, injuries, or other conditions.  There are a number of ways to help soothe their pain. 


If you think your dog would benefit from some pain relief, there may be options that can help.


Of course, a visit to the vet is always important if the ailment is new or undiagnosed.


9. Bath time!

Is your dog a little stinky? Maybe it's time for a bath at home (lots of shampoos to choose from) or time for a visit to the groomer.  Give us a call at 289-990-5595 to find out more about grooming at Maggy's Pet Boutique in Beamsville.


10. Your time.

This is really number one on the list.  What does your dog want the most? Time with you of course.  A snuggle, a belly rub, and a nice walk go a long way. Oh, and a treat, new bone, a bed, and a squeak toy would be nice too! 


Looking for ways to spoil your pet this Christmas? Visit Beamsville's pet shop, Maggy's Pet Boutique, at 4520 Ontario Street.


We wish you, and your furkids, all the best!


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