Covid 19 -News at Maggy's Pet Boutique

Covid 19 -News at Maggy's Pet Boutique

We have had some questions about how we are doing and if anything is changing at Maggy’s due to Covid-19

We have had some questions about how we are doing and if anything is changing at Maggy’s.


Firstly, is there anything we can do for you? Have a question? Need a delivery? We'll figure it out. We're a community. We are all in this together and we want to do our part to help whenever we can. ❤️


All of us at the shop are well. Everyone is healthy and our store continues to grow and improve thanks to an amazing customer base and a staff that really cares. We are a little anxious about all the news and a little concerned for our families and community. Both from a health perspective and an economic perspective as well. So we are washing our hands and shopping local like we always do!


Is anything changing?


We are paying careful attention to public health guidance and instructions. Our little local shop is remaining open.


▪️Yes, we are cleaning. Special attention is being given to all door handles, the check out area and most notably the pin pad.

▪️Hours are not changing and grooming is continuing as usual. In fact grooming is booked for this week and the following week is filling quickly. As usual, we will only take one dog at a time.

▪️We are not noticing or anticipating any challenges with inventory. Your dog food, cat food, and pet supplies will continue to be on our shelves


Did you know that our best selling lines are made right here in Niagara? Doesn’t it make sense to buy a locally made product from a local small business? Iron Will Raw, Raw Performance Dog Food and Boreal Pet food are all made right here in Niagara! And many of our other brands are made in Canada as well. Buying local helps local employers stay afloat in challenging times.


PLEASE, before you turn to online ordering for your pet needs, please think of us first. We speak for every brick & mortar micro-independent store when we ask this from our hearts ❤️. We appreciate your business beyond what we can ever express... Thank you!


Is there anything we can do to help you? Please let us know.


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