Beamsville's Dog Park

Beamsville's Dog Park

Beamsville has a dog park! We are very excited and grateful that the Town of Lincoln has provided a leash free park and we bet you are too. Let's make sure the dog park is a great experience for everyone by following some basic rules and common etiquette.

Beamsville's Dog Park

Hooray!  Beamsville’s dog park is here! Many people have been asking the Town of Lincoln to provide a leash free park and it has been provided. We’re sure that people will be very excited and the dog park will become a popular spot.  Dog parks provide a way for our pups and their owners to have a fun social experience.


While dog parks provide a fun social opportunity, there are concerns to be aware of and etiquette that should be followed.  If etiquette isn’t followed, the dog park experience can be easily spoiled for everyone.


Beamsville’s Dog Park Location

The new leash free park is located at Kinsmen Park.   


Beamsville Dog Park Rules

The following rules are posted at the dog park

- Please keep your dog from jumping on other people

- Pick up your dog’s waste and dispose of it in the receptacles provided

- Do not allow your dogs to be aggressive towards people or other dogs

- Remember to keep your dog on a leash until you enter the park area

- Remember that off leash does not mean out of control

- Children must be supervised

- Please use at your own risk


For concerns or damage please call 905-563-8205


Dog Park Etiquette

No toys – sure, your dog might be a great playmate and willingly share its toys, but not all dogs are the same and a toy at a dog park can lead to aggressive behaviour. Unless you have the only dog(s) at the park, we recommend putting the toys away.


Leashes and collars – a flat buckle collar is safest while at the park. Be sure to remove your dogs leash as soon as you enter the park as off leash dogs can cause a lot of stress for dogs on leash.


Dogs entering the park – try to give them some space and discourage your dog from rushing to greet the new dog.


Monitor your dog – it is nice to socialize with other owners. But don’t forget to keep an eye on your dogs behaviour at all times. If your dog is getting over excited, or starting to get aggressive, it is a good idea to interrupt play time for a brief time out. 


Children – please supervise your children while they are at the park. Keep them calm and remind them not to approach dogs they don’t know.


Keep moving – many dog parks are designed to encourage dog owners to walk a large circle in the dog park. Doing so helps to spread out the dogs and everything runs a little smoother.  Keep this in mind if you find yourself socializing in a big cluster of people and there are some negative doggie behaviours being exhibited.


Exercise - Make sure your dog gets regular exercise and consistent training away from the dog park. 



Tips from the American Kennel Club

- Should your pet show signs of illness or a contagious disease, don’t bring him/her to the park.

- Don’t bring a puppy less than 4 months old or a female dog in heat.

- Keep an eye on your dog! Don’t let your dog be aggressive with another dog.

- Obviously, you should pick up after your dog.

- Don’t bring food for yourself or your dog.

- Bring a portable water bowl for your dog—water bowls at dog parks carry the risk of communicable illnesses.

- Keep your small dog in the designated small-dog section of the park—even if he/she enjoys hanging out with the big dogs.

- Don’t let your dog run in a pack. Intervene when play starts to get too rough.


More information and sources we referenced.

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